National Level Crossing Safety Strategy released

The Australian Government has released its National Level Crossing Safety Strategy 2023-2032.

Level crossings remain the highest public safety risk on the rail network with two rail workers tragically losing their lives in December last year following a fatal level crossing accident.

The strategy has been developed by the National Level Crossing Safety Committee, comprising representatives from all levels of government, rail industry associations and regulators. The Committee will be chaired by Director-General of Queensland’s Department of Transport and Main Roads and Roads Australia Board Director Sally Stannard.

The committee meets with a shared commitment to reduce fatalities and injuries at the more than 20,000 level crossings intersecting with roads and pathways across the nation.

The strategy has a clear vision for a zero harm future, including:

  • Improving public education and enforcement
  • Leveraging emerging technology and innovation
  • Identifying early, low-cost and effective safety improvements
  • Developing improved data and knowledge
  • Increasing coordination and knowledge sharing by those responsible for safety.

Minister for Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Local Government Catherine King said the strategy would support safer level crossings across the nation.

“The community and stakeholders have long advocated for improved investment, better safety measures, education, enforcement, and harnessing technology – and this strategy sets out a clear path to achieving those aims,” Minister King said.

“I would like to thank the National Level Crossing Safety Committee for their collaborative, national approach, acknowledging that delivering a safer network for Australians is a shared responsibility.

“I am confident the vision set out in this 10-year strategy and the practical actions it will facilitate will help save lives across the next decade, and into the future.”

To identify any further action that could be taken by governments, regulators, and industry, a rail level crossing safety roundtable, will be held in Brisbane on 6 March.

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