New partnership enhances traffic management

RA members Altus and Downer have signed a new strategic partnership that highlights the growing importance of effective traffic management as the nation delivers a record transport infrastructure pipeline.

The new deal sees Altus acquire the Downer Traffic Management Business. as well as extending the two organisation’s 15 year partnership across multiple regions.

This will enable both organiations to leverage the power of new technologies and innovative approaches to improving safety in road work zones.

Ben Marsonet, CEO, Altus Traffic said: “Demand for traffic management is booming, with record investments in road projects nationally. This is an industry that is yet to experience the sort of disruption we see across other sectors, and there is great potential to better use data, technology and innovation.

For many Australians, traffic management is invisible, yet it affects us all every day. We believe leveraging the extensive data we generate and investing in innovation has great potential to positively impact motorists, communities, the environment and the economy.”

Darryl Byrne, General Manager of Road Services Qld, Downer said: “We are delighted to work with Altus as we strive to create a safer, more productive and efficient industry.”

Altus’ commitment to the safety of their people and their focus on innovation is in perfect alignment with our own vision.”

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