Sustainability practices win recognition for CPB Contractors

Image credit: CPB Contractors

CIMIC Group’s CPB Contractors’ contribution to enhanced sustainability through its work in delivering the Cross River Rail Tunnel, Stations and Development package in Brisbane has been recognised by the Infrastructure Sustainability Council (ISC).

CPB Contractors is delivering the package in a consortium that also includes RA members Pacific Partnerships, UGL and Ghella, along with DIF and BAM.

ISC has awarded the package of works with a ‘Leading’ design rating – the highest category possible – with a final score of 81.7 points.

Among the achievements leading to this rating are:

  • reducing material life cycle CO² emissions by over 24%
  • reducing energy emissions by over 8%
  • reducing water consumption by over 3%
  • 90% of goods and services procured from South East Queensland or regional Queensland vendors
  • embracing innovative sustainable construction materials such as recycled crushed glass and supplementary cementitious materials
  • providing more than 300,000 hours of training to upskill the project’s existing workforce
  • catering for more than 450,000 hours of trainee and apprentice employment. 

Keely Easterbrook, CPB Contractors Sustainability Lead on the package said:

“A ‘Leading’ rating is the highest result that can be achieved, and it reflects CPB Contractors’ broader commitment to embracing sustainable construction to deliver outstanding, innovative and sustainable projects.”

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