Utilities management on North East Link enhanced through DE

Managing utilities can be one of the most challenging aspects of delivering complex transport infrastructure projects, as RA has previously noted.

Throughout its early works on Melbourne’s North East Link, CIMIC Group’s CPB contractors has been able to deploy digital engineering (DE) technology to effectively assist with the design, development and removal, relocation or protection of utility services. These included electrical, telecommunication, water and sewage assets, as well as drainage and gas pipelines.

CPB Contractors were able to use augmented reality technology to space proof works areas with sufficient clearances to avoid clashes and ensure service provider clearances were met. At the same time, a fully attributed 3D solid model and automated software interoperability workflows were established, enabling seamless consumption of the major utilities requiring relocation.

To enhance trust in the model and facilitate interoperability, the organisation adopted international information management standards and developed a Digital Engineering Management Plan that ensured data integrity.

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