CPB Contractors completes historic hydrogen vehicle trial

CPB Contractors has completed an Australian first trial of Toyota’s prototype HiAce powered by a hydrogen-fuelled internal combustion engine (ICE).

Announced in November of last year, the trial ran for a month, with an ultra low CO2 tailpipe emission vehicle replacing one of CPB Contractors’ diesel-fueled Toyota vans. The vehicle was used to transport workers across multiple major infrastructure projects sites in Melbourne with refuelling being undertaken at Toyota’s Centre of Excellence in Altona.

Employees who used the vehicle unanimously reported a positive driving experience and no limitations in terms of control or braking, demonstrating the vehicle is a viable alternative. This important finding means that with the right hydrogen supply and distribution, hydrogen vehicles could play a key role in reducing diesel consumption and CO2 emissions moving forward.

CPB Contractors also reported similar maintenance and refuelling requirements when compared with a traditional petrol or diesel-fuelled motor vehicles. Additionally, the hydrogen vehicle offers a higher level of operational efficiency when compared to electric vehicles that require charging infrastructure and time to recharge.

CPB Contractors’ Engineering Director, Benita Husband, welcomed the results and the opportunity to continue working towards a more sustainable industry.

“As we continue to explore the most sustainable vehicles, machinery and equipment to implement across our business, hydrogen is an important part of the solution,” Benita said.

“This trial with Toyota has allowed us to test the user experience determining there is an equal or even better solution for our people who drive these vehicles.

“Across the country, CPB Contractors has over 60 major projects in delivery at any one time.

The breadth and depth of our projects creates the perfect environment for innovation and we are always looking for new technologies and solutions that will reduce our carbon footprint, create efficiencies and support the ESG targets of our projects, our clients and our business.”

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