The objective of the RA Fellowship is to develop the future leaders of our industry.

The current 2023 research task is “What is one technical innovation we can introduce to our industry that will help us achieve RA policy objectives and open up opportunities for new streams of talent in our workforce”.

To support this goal, and as part of the annual program, our Fellows are asked to work in groups on a research project that demonstrates their:

  • understanding of key issues and challenges faced by industry,
  • ability to work together on a collective response,
  • ability to apply presentation skills taught during the mid-year workshop;
  • ability to communicate a convincing argument to key stakeholders, and develop feasible implementation solutions for RA.

The 2022 research task

In 2022, our RA Fellows undertook a project to consider ‘How are transport infrastructure sectors evolving to address climate change risk, to ensure climate change resilience in the future.’ 

Over the course of the year, each of our Fellow teams selected a construction sector business or operational sector business to participate in a review.  They were required to research and respond to the topic in collaboration with the business selected.

We asked each of the Fellow teams to consider the following points:

  • Identifying some of the climate change challenges that your business is facing in the construction or operation of transport infrastructure.
  • Select a challenge and work to research and propose a change which could be implemented.
  • What risks and opportunities have you identified and how are you planning to address/capitalise on these for practical implementation in our industry.

In presenting the outcomes of their projects, our Fellows will make a significant contribution to wider industry efforts to embrace more sustainable and resilient transport industry. 

Group 4 from VIC was announced as the 2022 winner, receiving an invitation to share their initiative to the RA Board and nationally with the RA Network.   

Group 4 presented a research report into ‘ Zero Emission Heavy Vehicles and Plant in the Transport Construction Sector’, and an innovative presentation of a ‘RA Industry Lunch in 2050 – Presenting Australia’s Greenest Project West – East Link’.

Group 4 comprised:

  • Nick Eddy, Bild Group 
  • Liz Tinlin, GHD 
  • Glen Chrzanowski, SMEC
  • Jason Miles, SMEC
  • Jane Ada, AECOM 
  • Rosemary Rice, McConnell Dowell 

2022 research projects