NSW regional fast rail network would help ease road congestion

Dec 4, 2018 – The promise of a fast rail network linking major regional cities to Sydney is good news for road commuters.

“There’s no doubt that fast rail would relieve congestion, not just on the major road corridors into Sydney but within the Sydney road network itself,” Roads Australia CEO, Michael Kilgariff, said today.

“It would take cars off our highways and roads and, alongside our existing and planned metro and regional road projects, provide a more balanced, integrated transport solution for residents and commuters.

“It would also take pressure off Sydney’s housing market and population by providing an additional encouragement to people to move to the State’s regional cities.”

Mr Kilgariff said despite the excitement and promise around autonomous vehicles, mass transit systems would continue to do the ‘heavy lifting’ in our future transport mix.

“Earlier this year Roads Australia led a study visit of industry and government leaders to Japan, Seoul and Singapore to better understand how these cities are planning for urban growth and future transport,” he said.

“Public transport investment and culture dominates the thinking of our three near-neighbour cities – regardless of what benefits autonomous vehicles may bring to the table.

“Our delegation took away a very clear message that fast, efficient, safe public transport is more important than ever to the future liveability of cities like Sydney.”

Roads Australia will be releasing the report on its recent study visit in the coming weeks.

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