Road Safety Week Insight released

RA has released a Policy Insight following May’s webinar, ‘Keeping workers safe: How digitising risk can protect our work zones,’ made possible through the support of Altus Traffic Australia.

The panel discussion was moderated by James Pennings, Chief Commercial Officer, Altus Traffic Australia, and featured presentations from the following speakers:

Key takeaways from an engaging webinar included the role technology can and will play in providing new methods to improve road workers safety, the role of data in creating more meaningful, individualised traffic management plans and the need for further collaboration to unite existing and emerging data sets.

With both local and international examples of effective data utilisation in traffic management and control shared, the webinar provided areas for further discussion and research as we continue working to improve safety outcomes across Australian work sites.

View the ‘Keeping workers safe: How digitising risk can protect our work zones,’ Policy Insight here.

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