RTSSV is now Amber Community

RA has worked with Road Trauma Support Services Victoria (RTSSV) for many years now, supporting this specialist organisation’s activities including the annual Shine a Light Walk for Road Safety.

This week, RTSSV has launched its new name and brand – Amber Community, a road incident support and education service.

Over 28 years, Amber Community has grown from a grassroots network of a few people to the organisation it is today – with 160 volunteers and 40 staff, currently providing free counselling to more than 3,000 Victorians impacted by road trauma each year. To better reflect who RTSSV is today, and to align with its vision to continue to grow in future, RTSSV decided to change its name.

RTSSV worked closely with staff, partners and stakeholders to create its new identity. From a road/driving perspective, amber represents slowing down, making the right decisions, and taking care. This is an important message that RTSSV continuously promotes within its community and is one that provides meaning for its new name.

Amber Community CEO Bernadette Nugent said:

“Even though we may look and sound a little different, we are the same team of passionate and dedicated volunteers and staff with the same vision – to reduce the incidence and impact of road trauma.”

“We anticipate this change to our identity and the way our community views us will help us to help more people for many more years to come.”

See Amber Community’s new website at ambercommunity.org.au

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