SA releases Road Safety Action Plan 2023-2025

South Australia’s Road Safety Action Plan 2023-2025 (Action Plan) has been developed to help reduce lives lost and serious injuries on South Australian roads.

The Action Plan identifies actions that will contribute to the state’s target of at least a 50% reduction in lives lost and a 30% reduction in serious injuries on South Australian roads by 2031. This equates to fewer than 43 lives lost and 474 serious injuries by 2031, and sets SA on the path towards realising its vision of zero lives lost and zero serious injuries on the state’s roads by 2050.

In particular, the Action Plan addresses the need for more targeted programs and initiatives to improve road safety for those groups who are over-represented in crashes, including younger road users, older road users, motorcyclists, people pursuing work-related travel and Aboriginal people.

A progress report will be produced annually to measure the impact of measures contained in the Action Plan.

Download the Action Plan

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