Simple errors can have dire safety consequences

Drivers are being reminded to avoid complacency behind the wheel as the nation prepares for busy travel periods during school holidays and Easter.

In Victoria, the Transport Accident Commission has launched a new campaign which highlights concentration lapses that people are susceptible to when driving, and the series consequences that can follow.

The campaign comes at a time when Victoria’s road toll is 16 per cent higher than it was at the same point in 2021, and reflects the fact that 58 per cent of fatal crashes last year involved basic errors and concentration lapses, rather then high risk behaviors (such as speeding and drink driving).

At the same time, the Queensland Government is calling on drivers to observe basic road rules, as new camera technology captured almost 500 people per day over a two week period not wearing seatbelts or using their phone while driving.

 Queensland Minister for Transport and Main Roads warned that the cameras are operating anywhere, anytime across the state.

“It’s time unsafe drivers in Queensland realise it is only a matter of time until they’re caught and fined heavily for driving distracted or not wearing a seat belt.”

“What we’ve seen once again is an overrepresentation of regional Queensland in our state-wide statistics so I’m urging drivers, put down the phone, and clip up the seatbelt, or you will be caught.”

See more about Queensland’s Camera Detected Offence Program here.

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